I'm afriad signing the guestbook has been temporarily disabled as someone seems to have been messing around with it...
Should be back soon though! Once I've re-written the guestbook code, probably.

Nice site. Love Pegacam
L Barbs <>,, Oxford Mon Aug 8 19:06:51 2005

Yes I am someone you know and worked with for 6 weeks in Edinburgh! I'm going to leave it that to keep my air of mystery.
Shirley , Unspecified Fri Oct 8 02:23:58 2004

Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comment! I'm afriad the TechieCam as such is unlikely to return in the very near future as it was really an Edinburgh Festival thing. But the PegaCam should be back soon-ish - similar idea, but (usually) watching the stage at the theatre where I work...
PS. Who are you?! I'm really curious now... I assume you're someone I know..? Let me know by email if you don't want the whole world to know! :-)

Dave <>,, Oxford Mon Oct 4 10:29:46 2004

I love the TechieCam, it rocks!!
Anonymous Coward , Unspecified Fri Oct 1 19:47:53 2004

Ah, no no, you're *my* wife now, Dave... (!)

Cheers Russ - the first (proper) guestbook entry! Nothing to stop the rest of you now...

Dave <>,, Oxford Mon Jun 28 02:43:25 2004

Hey Dave - you're my wife now!
Russell <rather@not>,, Sydney Sun Jun 27 08:22:31 2004

Welcome to the guestbook!
Dave Thwaites <>,, Oxford, UK Fri May 7 23:53:13 2004